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Our Practice Areas

  • Business Formation & Start-up Advisory

    “Law is nothing else but the best reason of wise men applied for ages to the transactions and business of mankind.” – Abraham Lincoln

    We, at Welkin Legal, thoroughly and inherently understand the innumerable challenges, time-consuming tasks and responsibilities, along with competing priorities that every entrepreneur faces while setting up shop. One of the main concerns is ensuring that a business, right from its formation, to its operation and its impact, remains within the purview of law. Building a legally strong foundation when forming a business ensures that your business remains on the right side of the law at all times. Our efficient services will make sure that you select the most appropriate corporate structure and tailor it to attain success in your business endeavours and your business’ future growth and expansion.

  • Co-Founders Agreement

    A co-founder’s agreement contains terms and conditions that are meant to regulate the relationship of the co-founders of a company with each other. It details information regarding ownership, dispute resolution, equity stake in a business, inactive shareholder buybacks, vesting schedule, reverse vesting, non-solicitation, non-compete, obligations and duties towards the entity as well as towards the co-founders, rights, roles and responsibilities, and other terms that have been executed among the company’s founders.

    From a legal perspective, it is highly recommended that every business that has co-founders invests times in and seeks specialized service to draft and execute the company’s Co-Founders Agreement. Owing to our extensive experience, we are thoroughly aware of and can envisage the issues, conflicts and all eventualities that can occur among co-founders in the course of running a business.

  • Employment Contract, Policies, and Stock Options

    The aim of offering this service of Employment Contract, Policies, and Stock Options is to provide quickly accessible, easy to comprehend, specialized legal knowledge to assist employers in attaining their commercial goals while protecting their business interests. All the documents drafted by us reflect our attention to detail and are tailor-made, based on our clients’ business requirements. Our services include representing senior executives and ensuring proper negotiation of their employment contracts with their prospective employers.

    An employment contract is a signed agreement between an employer/labour union and an employee that covers their working relationship with each other. It establishes the rights and the responsibilities of both, the employer and the employee, and clearly states their obligations and the terms of employment. We keep abreast of the employment laws and regulations and ensure that our globally diverse clients are well-equipped with the right contractual provisions, policies and procedures at all times. Policies describe the appropriate conduct of employees in their office premises. A stock option lets an investor have the right, but not the obligation, with regard to buying or selling a stock at a price and on a date that has been agreed upon.

  • Commercial Contracts/Business Agreements

    Our highly sought-after services cater to drafting and vetting all types of commercial contracts/business agreements that are executed between different business’ stakeholders, such as suppliers, vendors, service providers, lenders, collaborators, customers, etc. Our services can be availed for, but not limited to, drafting Service Agreement, Lease Agreement, Security Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Consultant Agreement, Consultant Distribution Agreement, Licensing Agreement, Partnership Agreement, SAAS Agreement, Non-disclosure Agreement, Loan Agreement, etc.

    Additionally, we offer services to review existing as well as new contracts between our clients and third-parties.

  • IP Protection

    Intellectual Property (IP) refers to a category of property rights which maybe intangible, novel creations of the human intellect that are vulnerable to commercial exploitation in shape, design, geographical indications. Just like any other type of property, IP, requires proper legal assistance to protect new creations and ideas and to prevent them from being used in an unauthorized manner, copied, or commercially exploited.

    Our IP Protection and Commercialization services are focussed on thoroughly guiding our clients with regard to safeguarding their various types of intellectual property. Our services entail providing comprehensive legal assistance, which includes litigation, advisory, prosecution, enforcement as well as management of intellectual property rights for all types of IP rights services, such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs, trade secrets, and geographical indications.

  • Franchising

    Franchising is essentially a strategic business alliance that exists between an established Company or Corporation or any of its Franchisors and its Franchisees. It can take place at a regional level or at a national or international level for attaining common business goals, acquiring more customers, and dominating the market with regard to the specific products and/or services that are being offered. In this context, a Franchise refers to the right that is granted to a business entity (individual or group) under a mutually agreed upon contract at the payment of one-time Franchise Fee and ongoing Franchise Royalty Fees to the Franchisor, for marketing the products/services/goods of the established company (Franchisor) using its trademark and brand image.

    We excel at offering all-encompassing legal services for franchise system of distribution and marketing at a global level. These include, but are not limited to, litigation support on Franchise, drafting of Franchise Agreement and its vetting, carrying out negotiations with Franchisors regarding funding arrangements, preparing Joint Venture and Disclosure Documents, etc. Our expert franchise legal support has proven to be fruitful for a large number of national and international franchisors, franchise brokers, franchisees, franchise underwriters, corporate companies, and individuals as well as agencies that are involved in the system of franchising. Our legal counsel on franchising matters is sought regularly by established and emerging businesses from a diverse range of sectors.

  • Litigation

    Our extensive experience ensures your effective representation in the court of law. Our constant legal assistance effortlessly takes you through the entire process of litigation, right from filing your case to the appeal processes.

    We specialize in providing litigation services for corporate legal matters and for contract violations. Various clients have benefitted from our litigation services, which include civil litigation, taxation litigation, media litigation, medical litigation, family law litigation, and several other types of litigation services. We provide full expert legal assistance in-

    • Investigating a case’s facts
    • Completing the filing process
    • Presenting the case in the court of law
    • Facilitating settlements
    • Dealing with the appeal processes

  • Other Practice Areas

    Sports and Gaming

    We excel in providing unique legal solutions and advisory to entities associated with the sports domain nationally and internationally. We have legal expertise in successfully resolving players’ disputes and we provide personalized legal counsel for issues that have to do with contractual management, gaming opinions, league organization and much more.

    Media & Entertainment

    We offer a complete range of legal services for the media and the entertainment industry’s various branches, that include but are not limited to, film, television, theatre, music, telecommunications, multimedia, publishing and printing, advertising, visual art and design, etc.

    Our expertise is in providing legal advisory on compliances, copyright and trademark laws, social media and E-commerce laws, broadcasting, publishing, performers’ rights, IP assets’ licensing and assignment, drafting of Terms of Use, disclaimers and contracts, Supply Agreement/Service Delivery contracts, software licensing, online collaborations and strategic partnerships, advertising and publicity, and data protection and privacy.

    Data Protection & Privacy

    We provide precise and prompt legal assistance for the entire spectrum of concerns regarding privacy and security of data in today’s rapidly evolving technological sphere of global businesses.

    With regard to data protection and privacy, we extend our expert legal support to resolve our clients’ issues concerning data security breaches. Our professional services can be availed for matters related to consumer protection regulation, online and mobile tracking and for drafting of policies regarding security breaches, drafting of consent forms as well as agreements that are legally compliant.

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